• Packaged gas compressors

    Being an authorized packager for several compressor manufacturers, EGS brings world-class compression to the European, Middle East and CIS markets at competitive pricing levels.

    Our goal at EGS is to fit the right compressor to your needs.

    With the wide variety of compressor models that EGS offers and our industry experience, we are positioned to bring competitive compressor solutions to the market for all compression applications.

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  • Packaging services

    EGS offers packaging services to other OEMs or customers that have existing compressors and/or drivers.

    We can offer engineering of the package or work to your designs.

    You will find that our unique position in the market enables us to offer the most cost effective solution to your compressor packaging needs.

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  • Steel fabrication

    EGS state of the art manufacturing facility is ready to manufacture any type of steel fabrication you may need.

    We can provide you with PED or ASME certified pressure vessels, built to your specifications.

    We can provide the engineering and drawings for these vessels or work to your drawings.

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  • Re-packaging of existing equipment

    Re-cylindering your compressor frame and providing new scrubbers pulsation vessels, process piping, related controls and possibly new coolers or cooler sections is often the right choice to lower your investment cost and get the full use of previous investments.

    In many cases, your existing compressor package may have many years of reliable service left to offer but the cylinders and process system no longer fits your conditions of operation.

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  • Aftermarket services

    To ensure customer satisfaction of delivered products, aftermarket parts and service support is another focus of Euro Gas Systems.

    We offer a wide range of services including start-up and commissioning, operation/maintenance programs and training for the end-users.

    EGS Service Technicians receive factory training and certification from the equipment manufacturers.

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  • Field Technical Services

    Euro Gas Systems will provide reciprocating engine and compressor analysis. This highly skilled group utilizes the advanced diagnostic capabilities offered by Windrock.

    Euro Gas Systems technicians have had years of experience evaluating a vast array of reciprocating machinery. We have evaluated compressors and engines in refineries, gas production and transmission.

    We are available for domestic and international travel. Troubleshooting jobs are no problem. Discounts are available for annual service contracts.

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  • NDT control

    Because of NDT internal needs, but also in order to offer a highly specialized alternative for the Romanian market, EGS has finished in 2014 an investment into a "state of the art" NDT laboratory, meeting the latest HSE requirements.

    With employees that have more than 25 years of experience in nondestructive examination (VT, PT, MT, UT and RT) EGS is offering the best quality-price ratio in Romania, both for services provided in our local NDT laboratory and in the field.

    Nondestructive examination is a mandatory process for welded joints quality assurance, that offers based on the selected method both surface and subsurface defects information.

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Located in Mures Industrial Park,
Sanpaul, Romania
Postal code: 547612
Tel: 0365.882.416, Fax: 0365.882.421
Email: office@eurogassystems.com

2.400 square meters for manufacturing space
(will expand to 4.800 square meters in 2013)
480 square meters for office space
(2) 10 ton overhead traveling bridge cranes
(4) 50 ton overhead traveling bridge cranes
Portable cranes used for heavier lifts of completed compressor packages
40 ton forklift truck
Paint Booth 8 meter x 15 meter
Shot Blasting Booth 5 meter x 11 meter
Separate gas network at 6 bars for testing gas engines

Located in Targu Mures, Romania
Evreilor Martiri Street, No. 4, C8/1, Mures County
Postal code: 540545

1.800 square meters for manufacturing space
365 square meters for office space
(2) 12.5 ton overhead traveling bridge cranes
(10) 1 ton x 3000 mm jib hoists
CNC burning table for cutting complex shapes from plate steel
Band saws and pipe threading equipment
Metal shear 6 mm x 3.1 meter
Paint Booth 5 meter x 11 meter
Hydrostatic testing area for vessels and piping
Oxy-acetylene pipe cutting/beveling machines
State-of-the art welding equipment for all welding processes (MIG/MAG; TIG welding)


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